Postal code

A postal code (known in various countries as a post code, postcode, or ZIP code) is a series of letters and/or digits appended to a postal address for the purpose of sorting mail. Once postal codes were introduced, other applications became possible. In February 2005, 117 of the 190 member countries of the Universal Postal Union had postal code systems. Countries that do not have national systems include Ireland and Panama. Although Hong Kong and Macau are now Special Administrative Regions of China, each maintain their own long-established postal system, which does not utilize postal codes for domestic mail, and no postal codes are assigned to Hong Kong and Macau. Mails between Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China are treated as international. Although postal codes are usually assigned to geographical areas, special codes are sometimes assigned to individual addresses or to institutions that receive large volumes of mail, such as government agencies and large commercial companies. One example is the French Cedex system.

Abbreviations of Named Streets

#135 #135
#351 # 351
100 100 Street
102 102 Street
105 # 105
106 106 Street
108 108 Street
1093 #1093
115L 115 Avenue Loop
1165 #1165
118L 118 Avenue Loop
118S 118 Avenue Service Road
1200 #1200
1203 #1203
1204 #1204
1231 #1231
1314 #1314
1327 #1327
137U 137 Avenue Underpass
250 # 250
270 # 270
275 # 275
284 # 284
300 # 300
301 # 301
317 # 317
430 # 430
442 # 442
453 # 453
475 # 475
47L 47 Avenue Leduc
482 # 482
586 # 586
751 # 751
790 # 790
803 # 803
84 84 Street
86 86 Street
89 89 Street
90 90 Street
91 # 91
92 92 Street
927 # 927
93 93 Street
94 # 94
ABFD Abbottsfield
ADAM Adams Way S.W.
AFRD Abbottsfield Road
AGRE Agrena Road S.G.
AHDR Anthony Henday Drive
AIRP Airport
ALHO Alberta Hospital
ALTA Alberta
ALWA Allard Way
AMBD Ambleside Drive S.W.
AMBE Ambleside Drive East Entrance S.W.
AMBL Ambleside Drive West Entrance S.W.
AMCD Ambleside Link Cul De Sac S.W.
AMLK Ambleside Link S.W.
ANDE Anderson Crescent East Entrance S.W.
ANDR Anderson Way S.W.
ANDW Anderson Crescent West Entrance S.W.
APRD Airport Road
APRE Airport Road East
APRW Airport Road West
ARGY Argyll Road
ARMI Armitage Crescent S.W.
ARRA Arras Avenue Garrison
ASPN Aspenglen Drive S.G.
ASSB Christian Assembly
ATHP Athapaskan Drive Leduc
ATRD Alex Taylor Road
AUST Austin Link S.W.
AUSW Austin Way S.W.
BACT Bailey Court S.W.
BAIN Bainbridge Crescent
BBDE Blackburn Drive East S.W.
BBPL Blackburn Place S.W.
BELG McKernan/Belgravia
BELV Belvedere
BERI Beringer Crescent
BEVP Bevington Place
BGRD Belgravia Road
BIST Biscay Street
BKCR Blackmud Creek Crescent S.W.
BLAC Blackgold Drive Leduc
BLCD Blackmud Creek Drive S.W.
BLCE Blackwood Crescent East S.W.
BLCW Blackwood Crescent West S.W.
BLHL Bellamy Hill
BLKE Blacklock Way East S.W.
BLKW Blacklock Way West S.W.
BLWE Blackett Wynd East S.W.
BLWW Blackett Wynd West S.W.
BLYN Burley Road North
BMRD Beaumaris Road
BNDN Bonnie Doon
BPDE Bearspaw Drive East
BPDW Bearspaw Drive West
BPRD Borden Park Road
BRAP Bridgewood Apartments Leduc
BRBL Bridgeport Boulevard Leduc
BRCL Breckenridge Close
BRCR Brennan Crescent
BRCT Breckenridge Court
BRDR Broomfield Drive
BREB Breckenridge Bay
BREK Breckenridge Drive
BRIN Brintnell Boulevard
BRLD Brooklands at Bridgeport Leduc
BRLN Breckenridge Lane
BRPT Bridgeport Crossing Leduc
BRSI Brookside Avenue S.G.
BRTN Burton Road North
BRTS Burton Road South
BRTW Burton Road West
BRWC Brookwood Crescent S.G.
BRWD Brookwood Drive S.G.
BTCL Burton Close
BTCR Burton Crescent
BTDR Butterworth Drive
BUCN Buchanan Road North
BUCS Buchanan Road South
BULY Bulyea Road
BURG Burgess Close
BURR Burrows Crescent
BURS Burley Drive South
BURT Burton Road
BUTC Butchart Drive
BUTT Butterworth Way
BVCL Bevington Close
BVRD Buena Vista Road
BWAY Barnes Way S.W.
CACL Callaghan Close
CACT Callaghan Court
CACU Callaghan Drive Cul De Sac
CADR Callaghan Drive
CAKP Castle Keep
CALA Calahoo Road S.G.
CALD Caldwell Way
CALL Callaghan Point
CAMB Cambrai Crescent
CAMP Campbell Road
CAMR Cameron Heights Drive
CAMW Cameron Heights Way
CAN Canadian
CAPL Capilano
CARL Carlson Close
CARM Carmichael Wynd
CAST Castle Drive
CCRD Carter Crest Road
CCRE Carter Crest Road East
CCRW Carter Crest Road West
CCWA Carter Crest Way
CDRD Castle Downs Road
CENN Centennial
CENT Central
CERD Century Road S.G.
CGPL Cherry Grove Place
CHAH Chahley Way
CHAV Churchill Avenue Garrison
CHRW Cheriton Crescent West
CHUR Churchill
CLCR Cliff Crescent
CLPL Clifton Place
CLVW Clareview
CNPK Century Park
CNTR Centre
COL Coliseum
COMN Common
COMP PipeLine Compressor Station
COMR Commercial Drive
CONN Connaught Drive
CONR Connors Road
CORM Cormack Crescent
CORN Coronation Road
CORO Coronet Road
COST Coriano Street
CREE Creekside Drive S.G.
CRNA Corona
CROM Cromdale
CRYS Crystallina Nera Way
CSDN Castle Downs
CTRL Calgary Trail
CUMB Cumberland Road
CURR Currents Drive East
CURW Currents Drive West
CVRD Clareview Road
CVRE Clareview Road East Entrance
CVRW Clareview Road West Entrance
CWRD Callingwood Road
CYPR Cyprus Way
DALH Dalhousie Way
DANB Danbury Blvd
DAVI Davies Road
DAVS Davies
DCHW Dechene Way
DEER Deer Park Drive S.G.
DELW Delwood Road
DEP Depot
DHNE Dechene Road
DISC Discovery Way Leduc
DLMA D. L. MacDonald
DLRD Dunluce Road
DONN Donnell Road
DOW Dow Centennial
DVCT Dovercourt Avenue
DVRD Dunvegan Road
DWBR Dawson Bridge
EAST Easton Road S.W.
EAUX Eaux Claire
ECLV East Clareview
EDM Edmonton
EDWD Edwards Drive S.W.
EENT East Entrance
ELDR Ellwood Drive S.W.
ELLE Ellerslie Road S.W.
ELRD Eleniak Road
EMPK Emily Murphy Park Road
ENT Entrance
EVCM Evergreen Cemetery
EVGN Evergreen Mobile Park
EWRD Ellwood Road S.W.
FAIR Fairway Drive S.G.
FALA Falaise Avenue
FALC Falconer Road
FALL Falconer Link
FAML Leduc Family Worship Centre
FARN Farnell Close
FELL Fellowship Church Leduc
FEPR Fort Edmonton Park Road
FERI Ferrier
FERR Ferris Way
FIEL Fieldstone Estates
FLGA Falconer Gate
FREZ Frezenberg Avenue
FRSV Fraser Vista
FRWY Fraser Way
FTRD Fort Road
FULD Fulton Drive
FULR Fulton Road
FWDR Fairway Drive
FXDR Fox Drive
GALL Galland Close
GALN Galland Crescent North
GALS Galland Crescent South Entrance
GAR Garage
GARI Gariepy Crescent
GATW Gateway Boulevard
GBRD Griesbach Road
GEOR George Close
GIBB Gibb Wynd
GILL Gillespie Crescent East
GIRD Girard Road
GLAS Glastonbury Boulevard
GLCE Granlea Crescent East Entrance
GLEG Glenwright Gate
GMAC G.A.MacDonald Avenue
GMCR Grand Meadow Crescent
GOEB Goebel Drive S.G.
GOGT Goodwin Gate
GOVT Government
GRAN Grandin
GRCT Grantham Court
GREY Greystone Drive S.G.
GRGT Graham Gate
GRHL Grierson Hill
GRNT Grant Gate
GROM Grove Meadow Drive S.G.
GROV Grove Drive S.G.
GRRD Groat Road
GRSV Grove Seniors Village S.G.
GRTH Grantham Drive
GRWY Grant Way
GUAR Guardian Road
H28A Highway 28A
HABE Habitat Crescent East Entrance
HABW Habitat Crescent West Entrance
HADC Haddow Close
HADD Haddow Drive
HAGE Hagen Link
HALI Haliburton Road
HANE Hanna Crescent East
HANN Hanna Crescent
HARD Hardy Point
HARR Harry Ainlay
HAWR Hawrelak Park
HAWS Haswell Gate South
HAYN Haynes Close
HAYW Hayward Crescent West
HCDR Hillcrest Drive
HEAL Health
HECT Hector Road
HEDR Hendra Crescent
HEFF Heffernan Drive
HEIL Jennifer Heil Way S.G.
HENA Henwood Access Road
HEND Henderson Street
HENR Henry Avenue
HENW Henwood
HEWA Hedley Way
HEWE Hewes Way
HEWY Hemingway Road
HG18 Hanger 18
HG20 Hanger 20
HG25 Hanger 25
HILI Hilliard Green
HKRD Hooke Road
HKRE Hooke Road East Entrance
HKRW Hooke Road West Entrance
HLRD Hindenburg Line Road
HMGT Hammond Gate
HMTG Hermitage Road
HODG Hodgson Boulevard
HODN Hodgins Road
HODR Hodgson Road
HOLG Holgate Place
HOLK Hollick Kenyon Road
HOLW Hollick-Kenyon Way
HOLY Holyrood Road
HOPE Hope Road
HORV Horizon Village
HOSP Hospital
HOWS Howson Crescent
HOWY Hodgson Way
HPBN Hepburn Avenue
HPCE Hooper Crescent East Entrance
HPCW Hooper Crescent West Entrance
HPWY Hope Way
HRDN Healy Road North
HRDS Healy Road South
HSCR Homestead Crescent
HTHN Heath Road North
HTHR Heath Road
HTHS Heath Road South
HUCT Hudson Court
HUDS Hudson Way
HUFE Huffman Crescent East Entrance
HUFW Huffman Crescent West Entrance
HUGN Hunters Green North
HUGS Hunters Green South
HUNT Hunt Road
HURD Hudson Road
HUST Hustler Crescent
HW21 Highway 21
HYCE Hyndman Crescent East Entrance
HYCR Hyndman Crescent
HYCW Hyndman Crescent West Entrance
HYRD Hyndman Road
HYRW Hyndman Road West Entrance
INLA Inland Way
INTE International
ITCR Italy Crescent Garrison
JACK Jackson Road
JAME James Mowatt Trail S.W.
JAMH Jamha Road
JAS Jasper Avenue
JASP Jasper
JEFF Jefferys Crescent
JELL Jellett Way
JERD Jefferson Road
JMBR James MacDonald Bridge
JORD Jordan Crescent
JOYC Joyce Road
JP Jasper Place
JRVE Jarvis Crescent East
JRVW Jarvis Crescent West
JUDR Jubilee Drive
KANE Kanewynd Road
KAUF Kaufman Way
KCRD Karl Clark Road
KEIL Keillor Road
KENS Kensit Place
KING Kingsway
KINN Kiniski Crescent North
KINS Kiniski Crescent South
KIST King Street S.G.
KIWA Kirkwood Way
KIWD Kirkwood Avenue
KLAR Klarvatten Road
KLCT Klarvatten Court
KLCV Klarvatten Cove
KLWD Klarvatten Lake Wynd
KNRD Kirkness Road
KORD Korea Road
KSRD Kaasa Road
KWGT Kulawy Gate
KWRE Knottwood Road East
KWRN Knottwood Road North
KWRS Knottwood Road South
KWRW Knottwood Road West
LACL Lancaster Close S.G.
LAGO Lago Lindo Crescent
LAKE Lakeland Drive S.G.
LAMC Lamb Crescent
LASD Lakeside Drive
LAVD Lakeview Drive
LDDR Lansdowne Drive
LEBL Lewis Estates Boulevard
LECT Lemieux Court
LEDU Leduc
LEGE Leger Boulevard
LEGR Leger
LEGT Leger Gate
LEGW Leger Way
LEIG Leigh Crescent
LEWS Lewis Estates
LGRD Leger Road
LIDC Lindsay Crescent West
LINC Lincolin Crescent
LIND Lindsay Crescent East
LINK The Links Road S.G.
LINT Linthorpe Road S.G.
LINW Linkside Way S.G.
LKWD Lakewood
LLBR Low Level Bridge
LNCT Lions Centre
LOAV Lowe Avenue
LOND Londonderry
LONG Longview Drive S.G.
LRDN Lee Ridge Road North
LRDS Lee Ridge Road South
LSDR Lessard Drive
LSRD Lessard Road
LUMS Lumsden Crescent
LWRE Lakewood Road East
LWRN Lakewood Road North
LWRS Lakewood Road South
LWRW Lakewood Road West
MACE MacEwan Road S.W.
MACK MacKenzie Drive
MACL MacLuhan Road
MACN MacNeil Way
MACR MacTaggart Crescent East
MACS MacTaggart Drive S Ent
MACT MacTaggart Drive N Ent
MADR Manning Drive
MAGR Magrath Road
MAGV Magrath View
MALW Malone Way
MARK Mark Messier Trail
MART Martell Crescent
MASS Massey Way
MATH Matheson Way
MAY Mayfield
MAYC Mayfield Common
MAYF Mayfield Road
MBRE Millbourne Road East
MBRW Millbourne Road West
MCAL McAllister Loop East S.W.
MCCA McCall Court
MCCL McLean Crescent S.W.
MCCO McConachie Drive
MCCR McCrae Avenue
MCCT MacTaggart Court
MCDR MacDonald Drive
MCGR McMullen Green S.W.
MCLA McLay Crescent
MCLD McLeod Avenue S.G.
MCLE McLay Crescent East
MCLK McKinney Link
MCLN McClung Crescent North
MCLS McClung Crescent South
MCLW McAllister Loop West S.W.
MCLY McLay Green
MCMI McMillian Way S.W.
MCMU McMullen Way S.W.
MCNW MacNeil Way West Entrance
MCPH McPhadden Way S.W.
MCRK Mill Creek
MDDR Meadow Drive
MDHL McDougall Hill
MDLK Meadowlark
MDOW Meadows
MECR Melfa Crossing Garrison
MELR Melrose Place S.W.
MERR Merrill Street S.G.
MFGC Mayfair Golf and Country Club
MGBL Magrath Boulevard
MGDR Millgrove Drive S.G.
MGTE Millgate
MIAV Miller Avenue S.G.
MILL Miller Boulevard
MITC Mitchell
MKRD Meadowlark Road
MLRD McLeod Road
MMRD Malmo Road
MONS Mons Avenue Garrison
MPTR Maple Terrace
MQRD McQueen Road
MRDR Maple Ridge Drive
MTLW Mount Lawn Road
MTYR McIntyre Road
MULL Mullen Road
MUPL Mullen Place
MUWY Mullen Way
MWDS Mill Woods
MWRD Mill Woods Road
MWRE Mill Woods Road East
MWRS Mill Woods Road South
MYCL Mayliewan Close
NENT North Entrance
NGML Northgate Mall
NGTE Northgate
NISK Nisku
NLND Northlands
NWBL Norwood Boulevard
OATW Oatway Street S.G.
OCKP Ockenden Place
OEMG Oeming Road
OFF Office
OGLV Ogilvie Boulevard
OGPL Ogilvie Place
OKGA Oakes Gate
OLIV Oliver
OMAD Omand Drive
ORCL Ormsby Close
ORCR Ormsby Crescent
ORDR Oak Ridge Drive
ORLN Ormsby Lane
ORMN Ormsby Road West North Entrance
ORMS Ormsby Road West South Entrance
ORMW Ormsby Road West
ORRD Ortona Road
OSLD Osland Drive
OTTW Ottewell Road
OWER Ower Place
OZRD Ozerna Road
PADR Patricia Drive
PARD Pardee Bay
PARS Parsons Road
PASW Parsons Road S.W.
PATE Patterson
PAWN Pawson Cove
PEGA Pegasus Boulevard
PERC Percy Wickman
PGDR Potter Greens Drive
PHIL Phillips Road West
PIDR Picard Drive
PKLT Parking Lot
PKWY The Parkway
PLAT Platform
POTN Potter Greens Drive North Ent
PRCR Park Ridge Crescent
PREL Princess Elizabeth Ave.
PRRD Park & Ride
QEPR Queen Elizabeth Park Road
QUST Queen Street S.G.
RABB Rabbit Hill Road
RBRD Riverbend Road
RBSQ Riverbend Square
RCPT Running Creek Point
RCRD Running Creek Road
RECC Recreation Centre
REHW Rehwinkel Close
REST Restaurant
RFRD Richfield Road
RHAE Rhatigan Road East
RHAW Rhatigan Road West
RHIN Rhine Road
RICE Rice Road
RICH Richards Crescent
RIDL Riddell Road
RLRD Rowland Road
ROBC Robertson Close S.W.
ROLY Rollyview Road Leduc
ROOT Roots
ROSS Rossdale Road
ROY Roy Gate
RPRD Roper Road
RTDR Rio Terrace Drive
RUCO Rutherford Court S.W.
RUSO Rutherford Road South S.W.
RUTC Rutherford Close S.W.
RUTH Rutherford Road S.W.
RVGT Reeves Gate
RVWY Reeves Way
RWDR Ridgeway Drive
RYAN Ryan Place
RYRD Royal Road
SAFE Safeway
SAND Sandin Way
SASK Saskatchewan Drive
SASR St. Albert Trail Service Road
SATR St. Albert Trail
SAWA Sapper Way Garrison
SBRD Saddleback Road
SBRN Saddleback Road North Entrance
SBRS Saddleback Road South Entrance
SCHM Schmid Crescent
SCHN Schonsee Drive
SCHW Schonsee Way
SCIE Sciences
SCON Scona Road
SCUL Silverberry Rd Cul De Sac
SDPL Stadium Parking Lot
SDRD Stadium Road
SEAR Sears
SECO Secord Boulevard
SEDR Secord Drive
SEPR Secord Promenade
SERV Service Road
SGCR St. George's Crescent
SGRD St. Gabriel School Road
SGTE Southgate
SHAD Shaske Drive
SHAS Shaske Gate
SHBR Sherbrooke Avenue
SHCN Shaw Conference Centre
SHDR Sherridon Drive
SHEP Shepherd's Care
SHWY Shaw Way
SILE Silver Berry Road East
SILV Silver Berry Road
SING Singer Gate
SLCR Sloane Crescent
SMDR Simpson Drive
SMGT Summerside Gate
SOCP South Campus
SONF Save on Foods
SPEA Speaker Way
SPFW Sherwood Park Freeway
SPRD Stony Plain Road
SQ Square
SRDR Spruce Ridge Drive S.G.
STAD Stadium
STAN Stanton Drive S.W.
STAP Staples Driveway
STDR Strathearn Drive
STEI Stein Way
STEL Stein Lane
STER South Terwillegar Boulevard
STIN Stinson Gate
STIR Stirling Road
STN Station
STWA Stan Walters Avenue
STWE South Terwillegar Drive East
STWG South Terwillegar Drive
STWW South Terwillegar Drive West
SUDE Suder Greens Drive
SULK Summerside Link East
SUMM Summit
SUMR Summerside Drive S.W.
SUPS Superstore
SUZA Suzanna Crescent East
SVDR Savaryn Drive
SVON Save on
TAMA Tamarack Green
TAMG Tamarack Gate
TARD Tamarack Road
TASH The Ashby
TAYG Taylor Green
TAYL Taylor Close
TBCD Terwillegar Blvd 5117-5129 Cul de Sac
TBCL Twin Brooks Close
TBCV Twin Brooks Cove
TBDE Twin Brooks Drive East
TBDW Twin Brooks Drive West
TBWY Twin Brooks Way
TC Transit Centre
TEGL Tegler Gate
TELU Telus
TERB Terwillegar Boulevard
TERC Terwillegar Common
TERN Terwillegar Drive North
TERR Terrace Road
TERV Terwillegar Vista
TERW Terwillegar Drive
TERY Terwillegar Way
TFRW The Fairways
THCT Thompson Court
THIB Thibault Way
THLN Thorogood Lane
THOR Thornton Court
THPL Thompson Place
TOCB Towne Centre Boulevard
TODL Todd Link
TOMC Tomlinson Common
TOML Tomlinson Link
TOMP Tompkins Wynd
TOMS Tomlinson Square
TOMW Tomlinson Way
TONY Tony Romas
TORC Tory Crescent West
TORG Tory Gate
TORY Tory Road
TOWA Tompkins Way
TOWN Towne Centre Boulevard
TOWR Tower Road
TOWY Toane Wynd
TRCL Tredger Close
TRED Tredger Crescent West
TRIL Tri Leisure Centre S.G.
TRTC Treatment Centre
TRWS Terwillegar Common South
TRWW Terwillegar Common West
TUFW Tufford Way
TURB Turvey Bend
TURN Turner Link
TWCD Terwillegar Blvd 5104-5116 Cul De Sac
TWCR Tweedsmuir Crescent
UASP U of A South Portal
UBIQ Ubique Avenue Garrison
UNAV University Avenue
UNIV University
VALL Valley
VCTR Victoria Trail
VIAV Vimy Avenue Garrison
VILL Village
VPRD Victoria Park Road
VVCR Valleyview Crescent
VVDR Valleyview Drive
VZOO Valley Zoo
WAGN Wagner Road
WAHS Wahstao Road
WAKI Wakina Drive
WALK Walker Road
WALL Wallbridge Place
WALM Wal-Mart
WANS Wanyandi Road South
WANY Wanyandi Road
WARN Warwick Road North Entrance
WARR Warry Link
WARS Warwick Road South Entrance
WASH Washburn Drive
WASM Waste Management Centre MRF
WAST Waste Management Centre IPTF
WATT Watt Boulevard
WAWA Wanyandi Way
WAYN Wayne Gretzky Drive North
WAYS Wayne Gretzky Drive South
WBDR Westbrook Drive
WBGA Weber Gate
WCLV West Clareview
WDDR Willowdale Drive
WDHL Walterdale Hill
WEBB Webber Greens Drive
WECR Wellington Crescent S.G.
WELL Wellington Crescent
WELS Welsh Drive
WEM West Edmonton Mall
WEST Westview
WEWO Westwood
WGDR Westgrove Drive S.G.
WHIS Whiston Road
WHIT White Oaks
WHLN Whitelaw Lane
WICR Windross Crescent East
WILK Wilkin Road
WIND Windsor Road
WINN Winners
WIRD Windermere Road
WIST Windsor Street S.G.
WIWY Windermere Way
WKWY Walkways
WLNS Wellness Centre
WLWD Wells Wynd
WLWS Willow Way South Entrance
WMAR Westland Market S.G.
WMDN Whitemud Drive NB
WMDR Whitemud Drive
WMDS Whitemud Drive SB
WNCT Windermere Court
WNDM Windermere Boulevard S.W.
WNGT Windermere Gate
WOHA Woodhaven Drive S.G.
WOLF Wolf Crescent
WORL World of Science
WOSI Woodside Crescent S.G.
WPBL Westpark Boulevard
WPCT Westpark Court
WPDR Westpark Drive
WPWY Westpark Way
WRCR Westridge Crescent S.G.
WRDC Ward Crescent
WRRE Westridge Road East
WRRW Westridge Road West
WRWY Wolf Ridge Way
WSCL Wotherspoon Close
WSMT Westmount
WSRD Wm. Short Road
WTHR Weather Windows
WVBL Westview Boulevard
WVCE Westview Crescent East
WVCR Westview Crescent S.G.
WVCW Westview Crescent West
WVRE Woodvale Road East
WVRW Woodvale Road West
WVVL Westview Village
WWBL Wedgewood Boulevard
WWCN Wolf Willow Crescent North Entrance
WWRD Wolf Willow Road
WWWD Westwood Wynd
WWWY Westwood Way
WYML Wyman Lane
YOUE Youville Drive East
YOUW Youville Drive West
YWHD Yellowhead Trail
ZELL Zellers